Walk Off the Earth

I have not kept track of how many videos you guys produce in a year. I am finally going to become a patron for your videos, but don't have the most money. I am debating between $3 per video or $5 per video. Do you have an estimate or average # of videos per year?
I just love your videos. I also love your original songs & your cover songs. However, the videos are the icing on the cake, which is why I do want to support them. I am a chronic migraine sufferer & have very few truly pain free days in a given year. As a chronic pain sufferer, you learn to live with the pain & continue on with life. However, there are times when I have very bad migraine episodes for days and weeks on end without a break from the horrible pain. In those times, I get very depressed. Once the pain has subsided & I can listen to music again, I watch your videos. You make me smile, laugh, and infuse me with some of your joy & spirit. I tell you this as my sincere thanks for your videos & what you do.

Walk Off the Earth responded on 06/05/2016

Hi Christina, thanks for your kind words and for being so open with us. It means a lot to us, that we are actually able to help an tiny wee bit! I love that you are thinking of becoming a patron! That's amazing!! We try to have at least one viedo out per month. Maybe that helps your decision! We would be happy to have you, no matter what!

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