Walk Off the Earth

Why no dates in Nova Scotia? My moped won't make it to Newfoundland or Quebec. Darn it!
I love each and everyone of you. When I hear your music I feel so happy in my heart, it makes me feel so free I can't even explain it. I keep your music close by. I wasn't gonna mention this.......I'm gonna mention this. I have PTSD from severe trauma. I do OK, as I stated earlier, your music is freeing for me. Thank you for the gift of your songs! Marneta L Gabriel

Walk Off the Earth responded on 06/06/2016

Thanks for your kind words and for being so open with us. It means a lot to hear that we can sometime help a tiny bit with our music! Music makes the world a better place and can have magical powers.
We want to come back to Nova Scotia! So nice up there...so hopefully soon!

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