Walk Off the Earth

I had never heard of you guys until I went to see the Marianas Trench show at the K-Rock centre in Kingston, ON. I didn't know what to expect, but you were so amazing and I've been in love with your music ever since that night. My 8 year old daughter is now a huge fan also. I've promised her that I would take her to a show if you ever come to the Kingston area again. What are the chances of this happening any time soon? Also, she very badly wants a Walk Off The Earth T-shirt, but I did not see any kids sizes on your site. :(

Walk Off the Earth responded on 06/29/2016

hey Kim, that's so great to hear. That MT tour was a blast for us! I love that we were able to show our show to a new audience this way! We are actually playing Elora and Toronto in August and September, not Kingston, but maybe close enough! http://walkofftheearth.com/tour/

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