Walk Off the Earth

Hey guys! First of all, I've been a huge fan of you guys for the last couple of years. I super love your music, I can't get enough of it, it's just awesome. I especially love your music videos. They're so creative and entertaining and they make the songs that much more amazing. Keep doing what you're doing :-)
A little about myself: I'm originally from the US but I moved to Israel in February. I never had the chance to see you guys in concert but from the videos you guys post, your concerts look like insanely awesome. I don't know if you have many fans in Israel, but if you could somehow make your way here for a concert or something, I would probably be the happiest person alive. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and peace in!

- Jacob S.

Walk Off the Earth responded on 06/29/2016

Thanks a lot Jacob! We would love to see Israel, I don't think anyone of us has ever been!

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