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when and were will be the next tour in Europe ?


Walk Off the Earth responded on 07/05/2016

not sure yet to be honest! You should ask our booking agent ;)

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Hey Wote ! I am Yaron . Right now i am 16 years of age . I have been playing the guitar since i was 12 , bass since i was 13 , and also ukelele , keyboards , drums and i am learning the violin :) . I am sure you get asked this very often but i would LOVE to play a song with you guys one day . Preferable on the guitar , bass , or ukelele since i am better and those then other instruments . I live in the Netherlands and i saw you guys live only once ( sing it all away tour Utrecht ) I got my uke signed by Sarah ( she might remember it ) and i had a brief conversation with The beard via Facebook . You guys made me motivated for music and for learning more then one instrument . Right now i am a guitarist / keyboardist in my own band with a few friends , right now just covers but hopefully later a few originals :)

Walk Off the Earth responded on 07/05/2016
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No question just wanted to say I have had the worst month of my life and your music has lifted me up from a bad place put me in the right frame of mind keep up the awsome work. My little girl has lived with me sence she was 2 she is now 9 love music. My sons mom just died about month age my son has medical issues we are still waiting for test results. We will make it just wanted you to know that your music has a positive out come in people's lives in will be getting MP3 player and all of your music will be on it for me and the kids. Love and piece my friends love to all your fan for life mike , Derrick and Madison

Walk Off the Earth responded on 07/05/2016
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