Walk Off the Earth

Hey Wote ! I am Yaron . Right now i am 16 years of age . I have been playing the guitar since i was 12 , bass since i was 13 , and also ukelele , keyboards , drums and i am learning the violin :) . I am sure you get asked this very often but i would LOVE to play a song with you guys one day . Preferable on the guitar , bass , or ukelele since i am better and those then other instruments . I live in the Netherlands and i saw you guys live only once ( sing it all away tour Utrecht ) I got my uke signed by Sarah ( she might remember it ) and i had a brief conversation with The beard via Facebook . You guys made me motivated for music and for learning more then one instrument . Right now i am a guitarist / keyboardist in my own band with a few friends , right now just covers but hopefully later a few originals :)

Walk Off the Earth responded on 07/05/2016

Keep on the good work Yaron and it will pay off! Who knows what the future can bring, nerver say never :)

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