Walk Off the Earth

I see that you recently LIKED The Peterborough Spiritualist Centre in Peterborough Ontario, on Facebook. I am the Reverend of the Centre and was thrilled when I saw one of my favourite bands liking it. Next year, I am planning a cross country (well half the country) from Northern Ontario to Alaska. The main focus is to see more of my own country and indulge my great passion of photography. It is just be me, my camera, little camper and some great tunes. I will documenting the trip and putting it on YouTube. As I would not use someone else's music without their permission, I wanted to ask if I could use yours in my videos? I have all of your albums to date. I plan on taking a month and doing the trip next summer, as long as I can get my new truck AND the time off in my full time job.
Let me know what you think and keep cranking out the tunes.
Thank you
Love, Light and Peace
Rev. Kate

Walk Off the Earth responded on 08/11/2016

Hi Kate!

I am sure it wouldn't be a problem! That sounds like an amazing adventure. But just in case you might want to write our managers:


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