Walk Off the Earth

Are you on your way to Sweden or Finland any time soon, like 2017? I am an 62 year old "girl" from Finland who loves all kind of music. Classical, Rock, Punk, Folklore, Metal, Pop, Indie, you name it, as long as it is good, fun, warm, angry, sad in a truly honest way. I never thought I would be a totally crazy fan of a musicgroup anymore at my age, but here I am. I love you all and WOTE. I have been depressed and down for a long time but I tell you: you make me smile, dance, laugh and happy. In lonely hours in bad nights I listen to your music and it helps me through the night like floating in a boat towards morning light. Keep on rocking, keep on singing, you are such a talented and wonderful bunch. Love, Kristina

Walk Off the Earth responded on 08/02/2016

Thanks for your kind words Kristina! That means a lot! I am glad our music makes you feel that way and helps sometimes ;) Hopefully we can come back to Sweden next year!

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