Walk Off the Earth

I adore your band, for various reasons, primarily, CANADIAN pride!! I hope you don't relocate to the US, I hope you remember where your talent came from!! Too many Canadian artists forget they were from Canada, and right now, the world is looking to us, not the US to be the voice of peace, reason, and middle ground, although we have a smaller population, we ARE the best country in the world, don't forget that please. First question, there is debate about the handsome bearded member, what is his name, and was he ever a fisherman/captain? Second question are you coming to montreal? The old port in Old Montreal, has a great spot where you can put on a BOSS show. It'd be packed, Montreal is more english than french,however we do tend to still speak french first. The idea of separation has long since dissipated as we have the right to make our own laws. National status. :) Keep up the awesome music. Loved the cover of "somebody that I used to know" but rule the world is my favorite!

Walk Off the Earth responded on 08/10/2016

Why would we relocate to the US?
Beard Guy's name is Mike Taylor....but no one knows much about his former life...he just appeared one day and decided to stay!
We actually just played Montreal...twice!

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