Walk Off the Earth

Hiya guys, love your music, your style, your spirit!
Your music has become the soundtrack of my life. Thank you for everything!
Pity I cannot make it to one of the concerts.

1) Come play here in Croatia, we have a great arena (6th biggest ancient Roman colosseum in the world) in Pula. FOR CONCERTS!
IF you play there, hey, I am in charge of everything, ok?
2) There is not decent cover of Shania Twain's "From this moment" or "You're still the one" out there. Taylor, I see you playing. Sarah's voice - it will be the next global wedding anthem!

Beard guy, stay awesome! Gianni, you're the man! Marshall, Joel, eye candies ^_^ Sarahhhhhhh! Love ya'all!

Love & peace from Croatia!
Anita V Pagan

Walk Off the Earth responded on 08/10/2016

we would love to play Croatia one day!

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