Walk Off the Earth

Hi Guys,

Firstly, just like to say that you guys are awesome! Your music is so happy and fun. My whole family listens to your songs, we love you!

Secondly, don't know how early you plan tours and stuff like that but I think your music would be absolutely perfect for WOMADelaide 2017 (https://www.womadelaide.com.au/). It's a 4 day world music festival in Adelaide, South Australia. I've heard that to perform there you just have to contact the organisers.

If you don't come, please plan an Australian tour sometime. I would love to hear you live.



Walk Off the Earth responded on 08/15/2016

We would love to, but touring Australia is very costly so you need more than one show down under to actually make it work. If enough people would ask for it, the organisers might consider it though ;)

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