Walk Off the Earth

It's not a question but a comment. About two years ago, the father of my child and I broke up. It was a very hard part of my life. And, whenever I needed to be cheered up, I would go in the Net and put some Walk Off The Earth because I think your music and videos are very cheerful. And you are so original; you often make me laugh too. It really helped me go through that time! Thank you!!! I LOVE your music. I took my daughters to your show in Lévis and now they always ask me to put your music on!! It was a wonderful show!❤️

Walk Off the Earth responded on 08/15/2016

Oh yeah, that was a great show!! So much fun! Thanks for saying that, we like to believe that we can do a little good with our music. And to hear that you and your girls share this passion is amazing! Thanks for your support!

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