Walk Off the Earth

How soon will you be back in the uk, only I was a bit shy to come to the last one as old enough to be your Mum but I am assured I won't look out of place, so I will be there. I haven't loved a group as much as you since the Beatles, love what you have done with the Beatle cover With love from me to you in fact I prefer your version (God for give me). Lots of love Lesley xxxxx

Walk Off the Earth responded on 08/15/2016

Hey Lesley! Don't ever be too shy ;) Our shows are fun for everyone, I'm pretty sure we have all age groups representing! And our shows are real fun, you don't want to miss out!
As of right now, since we just played London, I am not quite sure when we will be back, but you will definitly hear about it the minute we announce it!

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