Walk Off the Earth

Hi guys, just came across your music and videos over the last couple of weeks. I just love the music, it's wonderful. Most bands have a title track on an album and the rest of the music is rubbish, yours is all great stuff.

Not bad for a 65 year old dude in Leaskdale Ontario, to like your music. It must be good just because of that. I love big band and ballroom dancing, which I do, which is a totally a different genre, but love your music. I must be your oldest fan.

I really want to try and get to see you at CNE on Sept.

Old new fan Nick.

Walk Off the Earth responded on 08/25/2016

Haha, 65? That's nothing! And what does age mean anyway ;) Thanks so much for your kind words. Hopefully you can come to the CNE! Did you see us live before?

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