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I love you guys! I recently just "refound" you the other day and I am completely obsessed! I definitely was a fan when you first covered Gotye but I for some silly reason didn't follow you! Next time you come to the states please come to Arizona!
I'm going through a rough time health wise & your positive songs help so so much. Thank you ALL for being your unique self! Sarah & Gianni, you have the cutest kids ever! I'm sure the rest of your band mates do too, we just don't see them as often! I cannot wait to hear your new songs! I'm sure you won't disappoint! ??? Sheena

Walk Off the Earth responded on 09/07/2016

Thanks for your kind words Sheena! I am glad that our music is helping you a little bit! Hope to see you soon!

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Just wanted to say thanks for the uniqueness, inspiration and exhilaration you've given over the years. My daughter (another) Chloe introduced me to WOTE way back via the YouTube videos and we've been following you since. I took her to see you first time at the Institute Birmingham for her birthday, upgraded her ticket to VIP, the joy on her face as I told her on the way there is something I'll always remember. I have to say it was the most enjoyable show I'd ever been to (seen a few legends over the years). Most enjoyable until the second tour, back at the Institute, where Sarah gave Chloe the uke! Amazing, emotional moment, made her so happy. She's just turned 18, and quite rightly, dad didn't go with her to the Brixton Academy, but so wonderful to see her come back with another uke from Sarah! Thanks for being part of her life, inspiring and supporting her in ways you can't imagine. And btw. Mike is my secret hero, was always a pleasure to meet him. Stay cool
Nick (53 yr old dad).

Walk Off the Earth responded on 09/07/2016
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Hey! My name is Dylan and I'm a local musician and pastor out of Los Angeles California! I just have to say I love the music y'all put out. It has a positive energy that reminds me of my late grandfather who always taught me to be positive. He inspired me to play music and now I'm a multi instrumentalist and rock out to everything. Y'all make music fun and it is inspiring. I hope to one day find a group of people like y'all that o can play with. Thanks for all y'all do its amazing to see what y'all come up with. Also I just gotta say I dig beard guys style because it's exactly how I look hahaha except I'm blonde lol.

Walk Off the Earth responded on 09/07/2016
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