Walk Off the Earth

Hello WOTE crew! I officially introduced you guys to my fiancée via the London, Ontario show with Marianas Trench. We came about this show, as my fiancée had secretly purchased tickets for their Detroit, Michigan show prior. She was heartbroken and disappointed that you weren't on that stretch of tour. As I've previously worked in the bar industry, I've met many acts and artists. The both of us were just amazed by the artistic performance you guys put on in London. From the elements of your unique sound, the amazing colors and backdrops and collaborative efforts between you and your crew on-stage was breathtaking. The only thing that I feel could compliment the experience would be an autographed picture for my fiancée. I understand the hustle and bustle of the industry, but if this is possible, could something be made out to "Steph" ?

Thank you for your time reading this request & enjoy the time off!

Chris Pillon
450 Menard Lane, LaSalle Ontario, N9J 3L1

Walk Off the Earth responded on 09/07/2016

of course! I am sure we can come up with something ;)

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