Walk Off the Earth

Hi Sarah and company...I saw your Sep.4 show at the Ex for my first time and it was AMAZING!! I was hoping to say hi to Mike Taylor as Mike is part of my extended family. His mom is my step-mom's sister. Last time I saw Mike was at my dad and step-mom's wedding (minus the beard). Thanks for catching my hand as you ran by, not once but twice. I was on the front row with the "Wote's Up" sign. I was amazed even watching your road crew set up at the ex and your team has talent. I don't know how you all do it. Your crew taking the red eye out with the gear to get things in place while you fly out the next day. Belated congrats, Sarah on motherhood. My sister was due and gave birth to her first child 4 days after my dad's wedding. I really enjoy your music a lot and so does my step-mom and the rest of my family clan. My dad and step-mom send their best to you all and enjoy. In a matter of speaking, the rest of you in the band are part of my family too so welcome aboard. Cheers!

Walk Off the Earth responded on 09/07/2016

Oh Thanks so much for your kind words! and for coming to the show! I remember that sign! what a fun night!

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