Walk Off the Earth

I just discovered you guys. I absolutely don't know how I spent all those years without you. I am a huge fan of the high kick cymbal it's epic!!
Bought your album straight away and watched all your videos. (Almost) nice "aux champs élysées" cover by the way. So I obviously missed your 2016 European tour, really hope there'll be a 2017 one. Come to Clermont Fd in France at La cooperative de Mai (tell it to your manager :) ) first rock scene in France! Keep on doing this amazing art. Seeing you having so much fun and enjoying so much, is really cheerful! Gosh creativity isn't dead!

Walk Off the Earth responded on 09/08/2016

aww thanks so much for your kind words! Too bad you missed us, but we will be back for sure! France has been so good to us, we love it there!

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