Walk Off the Earth

I just wanted to say thank you to you guys for making such positive music. Whenever stress levels are getting too high and things aren't going so well, a sure-fire way to brighten my day is to sing along to a few of your songs. You make it easy to remember to smile with your mind-boggling musical talents and fun videos. As a humanitarian aid worker spending much of my time in places like DR Congo, South Sudan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Syria, your music has come in handy for me on many occasions, sometimes with the help of noise-cancelling headphones to soften the sounds of airstrikes or tank fire nearby. Of course, it's also nice to listen to you on visits back to Vancouver ;-)

I'm looking forward to catching one of your shows someday, and also hoping that you might make an appearance on NPR's Tiny Desk Concert series sometime soon - another great source of musical positivity.


Walk Off the Earth responded on 09/21/2016

Thanks so much Chris! Just went on your blog and I feel like we should thank YOU!! What you do, helping people like that, that shows so much strength and courage. The things you see...I am glad that our music can help you a little bit, that's more than we can ask for. Thank you for bringing us on your journey!

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