Walk Off the Earth

I know this isn't a question. But I wanted to tell you that without your music I would literally be dead. You sing the songs that no one else has. And when I'm sad I will always sing it all away. And my older siblings criticized you all by saying "I don't like female singers" (which I love Sarah's voice) and saying "I've seen better" that made me run away and have a good cry. But I listened to your songs and I felt better. You all saved my life, and I will never stop listening to your songs. Thank you.

Walk Off the Earth responded on 09/21/2016

My dear Lily, don't listen to your older siblings...sometimes siblings can be mean, but you just do what you love and we will always be on your side! Don't let anyone get you down. We all have to cry sometimes and let it all out, and that's good! But then we stand up again and "Shake it Off" and start dancing, right?

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