Walk Off the Earth

Hey WOTE!!!! I love your music, you're motto R.E.V.O. I have made that my motto too. I love you guys. My boyfriend does too. You guys have brought me out of a dark hole I was in back in 2013 after my grandmother passed. I hope to see you in Philly. If I get the money it is. Thanks so much for the music. You guys will always lift me my boyfriend and so many of my friends up no matter our mood. I will always remember to listen to the music and revo. THANK YOU!!!!!

Walk Off the Earth responded on 09/21/2016

So sorry to hear about your Grandmother, we all know how much it hurts too loose someone important. But I am glad that our music helped you a litte ;) That's more than we can ask for! Hopefully we can come back to Philly soon!

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