Walk Off the Earth

Hey WOTE!! I just want to thank you guys for the music. You've lifted me up since 2013 when I used your music to drag myself out of a dark hole after my grandmother passed. I love you guys. I have now made my motto R.E.V.O. I showed you guys to my boyfriend and he loved your sound! I hope to see you guys in Philly when you play there if I get the money. I am wondering though if you guys do any charitable stuff like donating tickets to places. Or like a raffle for fans that cannot afford to go. Sadly like me. I was wondering if you would do something like that. Thanks. Please keep writing and listening to the music. When life gets you down you just back up and sing it all away! If you want to do my suggestion

Walk Off the Earth responded on 09/21/2016

I think I just answered you on a different email...about the tickets: A lot of times there are radio stations that give away tickets...but hard to answer since we have no show in Philly booked yet. How about you write us again, when we are actully playing Philly, and then we just go from there ok?

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