Walk Off the Earth

Guys, you're awesome, thank you so much for your music, your happiness, your joy, your talent.
Really thank you.

It feels soooo good to see people doing percussions !
Really, I do music too and I always use what I got in my apartment to do the rythme, that's what out percussions teacher taught us when I was little. And feels like a good way ~

Thank you again, love you guys. Keep the good mood. Do what you love, do what you want, juste be happy.

See ya' all, hope to see you on day in Paris to make that city bounce ! ☺️

Walk Off the Earth responded on 09/21/2016

Hell yeah, we will be back in Paris for sure! Did you come to the last show at the Olympia?
Thanks a lot for the kind words and the appreciation!

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