Walk Off the Earth

Hey guys...its Lynndie again. I thought you should know, I'm a walking billboard for your music with how often I wear your t-shirts I picked up at your CNE concert.

I'm a T.A. at a high school here in NS and so many students comment about my shirts...first how cool and hip I look for wearing them (I cut one into a sleeveless) Ya, admittedly, I feel pretty "bad ass" wearing it...although I'll never reach the callibre of "bad ass" that you are Sarah. (My husband wishes) ?

Thanks again for allowing me to check off number one from my bucket list. If I'm being honest though, there was nothing listed after number one...can't even think of anything else that deserves being put down on a list except to travel to a foreign country with the sole intention of seeing you guys...yep and there we go, just like that I have a number one again!!!

Seriously, love you guys! Thank you so much for infusing my life with happy, upbeat songs that bring me joy and a zest for life. P.S Come to Halifax!

Walk Off the Earth responded on 10/25/2016

You are amazing Lynn, thanks so much for this message!! That's exactly what we want, make people happy! You sound pretty bad ass to me already, your husband better appreciate ;)
Really hope we can play Halifax soon!!

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